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This charter for the handling of Cookies is addressed to users of the website (hereafter the "SITE"), i. e. all persons who access and browse this SITE, including members registered on the SITE and visitors.
By browsing the SITE, you are agreeing for the cookies as described below to be placed on your device in keeping with the present Charter for the handling of Cookies.


The entity responsible for the processing of user data collected via the SITE is the LANCASTER company, a limited liability company with a capital of 250,000 Euro, registered in the Bobigny Trade and Companies Register under number B 387 651 565, with its headquarters at 14 rue Auber, 75009 Paris, France, 09 70 72 88 90 (hereafter known as "LANCASTER").


A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the hard disk of your device when you visit a website. It records certain information about your browsing or your online behaviour that enables us to improve and facilitate your user experience.


The SITE uses cookies in order to differentiate Internet users to improve their browsing experience and the services offered to them. For practical purposes cookies enable you to authenticate and identify yourself, they can, if necessary, save your preferences or measure the various usages of the SITE.


LANCASTER values transparency regarding the processing of your data. As such, and in order for your information to be as clear as possible, we have listed the various cookies used on the SITE as well as their purpose below:

LANCASTER cookies (first-party cookies)

1.1.1.Functional and technical cookies, the main purpose of which is to improve your browsing experience of the SITE. These cookies will send information to our site and to your browser: saving of information regarding a form (identifier, address), display preferences of your device (language, resolution), security measures such as session expiry, etc.

Cookie name Cookie purpose Duration
select_store This cookie enables the SITE to know whether or not your browser accepts cookies. 6 months
wishlist_guest_id This cookie enables the SITE to save the products on the wishlist of a user who isn't logged on 6 months
select_store This cookie enables the SITE to save the language selected by the user 6 months
frontend This cookie enables the SITE to save the session ID of a user 1 hour
aw_mobile_cookie This cookie enables the SITE to detect if the user is on a mobile 1 day
other_country This cookie enables the SITE to detect if the user comes from a country outside of Europe and the United States. 6 months
prehome_subdomain This cookie enables the SITE to detect if the user has already selected a country to redirect him to it without going through the selection page. 1 month

Warning: browsing on the SITE and/or the use of certain functionalities may be altered if you choose to disable cookies.

1.1.2.Statistics and audience measurement technical cookies on the SITE help us gain a better understanding of how the SITE is used and therefore offer you quality services:

Cookie name Cookie purpose Duration
frontend This cookie enables us to measure the traffic on the SITE 1 hour
frontend This cookie enables us to count your visits 1 hour
frontend This cookies enables us to know how many times a page of the SITE was viewed 1 hour
frontend This cookie enables us to track your journey on the SITE 1 hour

1.2.Third-party cookies

When you visit the SITE, partner companies may place cookies on your device. The use of these cookies is subject to the restrictions on personal data protection established by the "Informatique et Libertés" (French Data Protection) law. Your web browser configuration options let you disable third-party cookies only, or all cookies including our own. In particular, we have:

1.2.1.Social network cookies A majority of the pages of the SITE include applications that enable real-time sharing of SITE content with other people. This is the case for "Share", "Like" or "Pin it", etc. social network buttons.

(a) The "Like" button and other social extensions of Facebook

The SITE displays social extensions of Facebook. These are small programs that link information concerning a user connected to Facebook ( edited by the Facebook Inc. company, 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA). The various social extensions of Facebook can be viewed at the following URL
If the user is logged on to Facebook when they visit the SITE, the browser will set up a link with the Facebook server and integrate data from their Facebook account into the SITE. At the same time, Facebook receives information regarding the user's visit and the pages they have viewed. If the user enables a social extension of Facebook via the SITE, the collected information will be forwarded and processed by Facebook. The specific conditions of this processing are stated in the "Facebook data use policy".
We would like to add that LANCASTER is a third-party to the processing operated by Facebook.

(b) "Pin it" and other Pinterest social Plugins

Pinterest social Plugin buttons ("Pin it" and "Follow") are linked to the SITE. These are mini programs by Pinterest ( edited by Pinterest, Inc, 808 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA).
Via these social Plugins, the Pinterest network is notified of the user's visit to one of the pages of the SITE.
If the user is logged on to Pinterest during their visit, it will be added to their board. Clicking the "Pin it" button will have the same result.
We recommend that users who do not wish to share their data log out of Pinterest before browsing the SITE.
The purpose of data collection, its various applications, the processing and later use of data by Pinterest, as well as the rights and ability to configure the user's privacy protection are mentioned in the "Conditions of use and confidentiality" section.

(c) "other social networks"

It is specified that any social network may identify you and track your browsing using one of these buttons without you clicking on it as long as your session is open in your browser. Each social network has its own data protection policy and LANCASTER has no control over the use of cookies and other tracking devices issued by these third-party companies. For more on possible configurations linked to account confidentiality, please contact these social networks.


On your computers, Smartphones and other Internet accessing devices, by default, the browser enables cookies found on websites.

But you can control the installation of these cookies since you can configure your browser to:
- enable or disable cookies on the SITE
- automatically disable all cookies
- request your approval for each cookie you come across when browsing the Internet.

To do this, simply open your browser and follow its instructions. For example:
- With Internet Explorer ™: Tools ► Internet options ► Confidentiality tab ► select the desired level
- With Firefox ™: Tools ► Options ► Privacy tab ► select the desired options
- With Chrome ™: Configuration menu (parameters logo) ► Parameters ► Advanced parameters ► Content parameters ► Select the desired options
- With Safari ™: Safari (parameters logo) ► Preferences ► Security ► Show cookies ► Select the desired options
- With Opera ™: Tools ► Preferences ► Advanced tab ► Cookies section ► Managing cookies ► Select the desired options

As stated previously, by choosing to disable cookies, browsing on the SITE and/or using some functionalities may be altered. In any event, if you choose to delete all cookies, your user experience will be affected and your browser preferences will be deleted.


By browsing the SITE, you agree for LANCASTER to install "technical" cookies that access, inscribe and view information stored in your equipment:
- their sole purpose is to enable or facilitate electronic communication;
- strictly necessary for the supplying of the SITE's online communication.

When you registered with the SITE, you were also informed of the presence of tracking cookies, the purpose of which is to send you offers in line with your interests and create visitor statistics. You were informed that you may oppose these cookies by accessing this Charter for the handling of cookies.


Like for the other data, you may exert your access, deletion and opposing rights regarding your data via email to or in writing to the LANCASTER headquarters, stating the "Informatique et libertés" (French Data Protection) law in the subject and justifying your identity.

Moreover, if your browser includes this function, you can disable cookies at any time by following the steps detailed above.


In any case, cookies stored on your device as well as any other element used to identify yourself for statistical or audience related purposes, have a limited life-span of 6 months maximum, this duration not being automatically extended when you return to the SITE. Beyond this period, the raw audience data linked to an identifier is either deleted or anonymised.

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